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What’s New on Hulu in January 2023

How I Met Your Father is coming back for a second season, it turns out.

Back in the mid-aughts, How I Met Your Mother seemed destined to become the next Friends—the kind of perennially rerun, rewatched sitcom that doesn’t often exist anymore. But then that finale happened, and fan enthusiasm for the show grew quickly less, uh, enthused.

Nevertheless, brand recognition remained strong enough to garner a direct-to-streaming spinoff in Hulu’s How I Met Your Father, and even though no one seemed to like it very much, that Hillary Duff comeback vehicle still got renewed for a second season, starting Jan. 24. Apparently Cobie Smulders even returned for the season one finale, a fact I just learned today, despite being Extremely Online and writing regularly about streaming TV…which should tell you something.

Here’s a trailer promising to tell you “all you need to know,” though I think the preceding paragraph really should suffice.

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