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Photos: Nebraska, Kansas meet in NCAA Tournament clash

For Nebraska fans who want to cheer for a good story, there’s a tailor-made one with Busboom Kelly.

Small-town Nebraska kid. Husker athlete. Husker assistant coach. Now leading her own program in a quest for Louisville’s first volleyball title. And if that happens, she makes history herself, too.

How can you not root for that? She’s hoping you do.

“We need it,” Busboom Kelly said of crowd support. “Pitt is extremely tough to play. They always find ways to win. Obviously, they’re here. I don’t think anybody saw them beating Wisconsin at Wisconsin, except teams that play them every single year multiple times.

“So not only would it mean a lot to me, it means a lot to our team. And we’ll need some extra momentum and everyone knows that crowds can certainly help that. Hopefully, they’ll be cheering for us and they want to see a fellow Nebraskan in the finals.”

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