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ok, I gotchu, I’ll give you a bunch of options, from something sensible to something absolutely straight-up dumb.

Option A – Go KETO.

When you engage in a ketogenic diet, you completely eliminates carbs from your diet, your body will be unable to fully replenish the glycogen stores in your liver and muscles, since each gram of glycogen binds to three grams of water, you’ll shed a lot of water weight right out of the bat and still drop a few pounds somewhat consistently over the first few months as your body adjusts.

But keep in mind, the second you eat carbs again, the weight you “lost” goes back.

Fat is a completely different story, fat will only go away if you implement a caloric deficit, and maintaining a deficit for long enough to see substantial results in fat oxidation is never easy.

Eating mainly proteins & fats is extremely satiating though, so for some people implementing a deficit becomes a bit easier.

There’s anec evidence that Keto might impact positively in mitigating the effects of some mental health issues like schizophrenia, depression, and age related cognitive decline.

It’s also formidable for combating a myriad of auto-immune disorders.

So it’s a pretty good option, the main limitation is that some people don’t adapt to it, especially if you’re a rather active person.

Option B – Surgery.

Both liposuction and bariatric surgery are sensible options in some scenarios, the big caveat here is that although you got the results you wanted super fast, the recovery process is absolutely BRUTAL, and your metabolism isn’t always adapted to sustain you at that size, if you don’t do a considered effort on the diet side of the equation after the surgeries you can gain it all back rather quickly.

Option C – Crash Diets.

Aye, you made it to the straight-up dumb part of this article, starving yourself like a deranged person in order to lose weight, well, you’ll experience the same shit as KETO as it relates to shedding a fuckton of water weight, and in the first few weeks, you’ll lose a pound or two of fat, but as you thread further and further with this nonsense, your metabolism gets completely screwed up, your sleep cycle, your overall health and sense of well being are thrown completely out of the window.

You risk developing a bad relationship with food that can evolve into the most deadly mental disorder you can possibly get, anorexia.

And yet again, the second you go back to eating a healthy diet, your body will be so freaking starved for anything, that you’ll build it all back up rather quickly.

Option D – Drugs

You can use drugs that supercharge your central nervous system, ramping up your caloric expenditure like crazy at the cost of cooking your organs, if the drugs of your choosing are FAST and EFFECTIVE, you’re sacrificing big chunks of your lifespan if not dying by overdose.

If there was a safe and effective pill for fat loss, we would all know about it, big pharma would be making BANK with it, it would be advertised incessantly 24/7 in every single form of media you encountered.

And yet again, once you’re off the drugs, your body isn’t adapted to keep the fat off, and you get fat again.

Option E – Give Jigsaw a call.

For sure he’ll find ways for you to lose weight REALLY REALLY FAST.

You noticed that the weight you lost, will only easily stay off if you diet and have great habits after you lost the weight for the rest of your life?

Only Option E offers 100% customer satisfaction

So why don’t do just that, implement a healthy diet and build the great habits you will have to have either way?


The only sustainable approach.

Trust me, I literally lost 100lbs and tested all the fad diets and dumb approaches aside from chopping a limb off, I had a dumb doctor that prescribed me with T3 saying that I had thyroid syndrome, but it never worked for me, I only managed to really get rid of all the fat when I dialed in a sensible diet and started focusing on training consistently every single day.

When I focused on building habits, through discipline.

And now, I’m not only in great shape, but I also have a stupid high metabolism that allows me to eat whatever, I can eat 3500 calories and barely gain weight, thyroid syndrome my ass…




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