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How can I lose 3kg in two weeks?

How can I lose 3kg in two weeks?

Tamara has managed to lose more than 3 kilos in two weeks. She has lost 3.4 kilos despite having already lost almost 24 kilos in 2 months.

It is true, it is easier to lose more weight the more kilos you have left over. But it is also true that in order to lose weight at this rate, a good diet alone is not enough.

Tamara is managing to lose weight quickly because she is overweight. 10 weeks ago, Tamara weighed 178 kilos when her maximum healthy weight should not exceed 68 kilos. If we calculate the metabolic cost of a person with the classic equations, we realize that each kilo that we have left over makes us spend an average of about 10 kcalories more.

Tamara, your excess weight causes your body to spend at least 100 kilocalories more each day than if you had fewer kilos to spare. For this reason, heavier people tend to lose weight more quickly than those who have fewer extra kilos.

With what we currently know, summarizing weight loss to a simple relationship between what you eat and what you spend is simply absurd. But, waiting for us to discover valid alternatives, and for society and governments to mobilize to create a less obesogenic society, to lose weight we need to improve our diet, eat less and move more.

Examples like Tamara’s show us that everyone can lose weight. As you will see on her menu, Tamara is losing weight because she is eating better, she is eating less and she is moving more. No miracles, no effortless results. Of course, taking care of yourself always gives results and is worth it.

Eating better and exercising you can lose weight, there are no miracles or results without effort.

Tamara’s weekly diet

In addition to these meals, Tamara is regularly going to the gym.

There she alternates strength exercises, to increase muscle mass with aerobic exercises such as: treadmill, bicycle, elliptical. Also, she tries to go for a walk on the days that she doesn’t go to the gym. You too can achieve your goals by improving your quality of life and your diet.

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