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Chukandar Kabab Recipe

Today we have brought beetroot kebab recipe in Hindi Chukandar Kabab Recipe for you. Beet kebabs are easy to make in Chukandar ke Kebab kebabs. And yes, they are easy to make too. So what are you thinking, try the recipe for making instant beet kebabs. We hope that you will like the beet kebab recipe

Beet Kebab Recipe

  • Servings: 4 person
  • Difficulty: Medium
Easy recipe for making beet kebabs

necessary ingredients :

  • Beetroot – 01 cup (boiled),
  • Chana dal_ Chane ki dal – 1/2 cup (boiled),
  • Garlic_Garlic – 04 buds,
  • Ginger_Ginger – 01 piece,
  • Cardamom_Cardamomo – 02 Nos.,
  • Cinnamon_Cinnamon – 01 piece,
  • Oil_ Oil – For frying.
  • For stuffing

  • Water turned out cheese_ Hung curd – 02 tbsp,
  • Paneer_Paneer – 02 tablespoons (mashed),
  • Gram flour – 02 tablespoons (roasted),
  • Black pepper powder_ Black pepper powder – 01 pinch,
  • Red chilli powder – Chilli powder – 1/4 teaspoon,
  • Salt_salt – as per taste.

recipe :

For the beet kebab recipe in Hindi Chukandar Kabab Recipe, firstly grind it in a grinder by mixing boiled beetroot and gram lentils with garlic, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon.

After this, mix the stuffing of the stuffing well and keep it.
Now make beet mixture in small pieces and keep a little stuffing in the center and cover the beetroot from all the sides. Now mold it in the shape of the kebab.
When all the kebabs are done, heat the oil in the pan and deep fry the kebabs in a low flame.
Take, the method of making beet kebabs was completed. Now your beet kebabs Chukandar ke Kebab is ready. Serve them with desired chutney or tomato sauce and eat it with chutney .
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